Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Bog is Looking Good!

Here is an updated picture of the bog, grown back in from this spring. The very back corner is still a work in progress, as there are still old dead umbrella grass roots to be dug out of the rocks. But wow, it is almost a jungle again! I try to go out once or twice a week to make sure water flow does not get interrupted around the stones, thinning out the mint and pennywort. I had put purple stemmed taro back in, and while it is not the big problem the green is, it is still sending out runners, so I have to watch it. It has gotten quite large. The cannas are glorious, and soon the ginger should be blooming.

There is some string algae, but I figure it is cleaning the water, too, and as there are less open areas, it will recede on its own. Besides, it is easy to pull out. That's all for now about the pond...

I am happy to report, though that the couple of small rains that have hit my house in the last two weeks have my new rainwater collectors over half full. Yeah!

More later. Happy gardening!

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