Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not gardening, but something else I do - eLearning

My day job is done sitting in front of a computer, making eLearning. I am a Senior Course Developer. One of the things I have been doing recently is writing blog posts on that subject, so I want to cross-reference my blog activities. I have been writing about a trip I took this spring to California to speak at a national conference. Part 6 of 9 went up today, and a new one goes up every Tuesday and Thursday.
I am still going on about the presentation content, but soon there will be Hollywood pictures - the conference was held at the Beverly Hilton, and I presented from the same stage used to award the Golden Globes. Cool, huh?
You can find them here:

In other news, it's hot.
But, unlike other years, I have only had to devote my Saturday morning to moving sprinklers around once so far this year. But it will be routine for a while now unless my little part of south Austin gets rain.
The bog is doing great - no water shortage there, just fish poop water 24-7. The white butterfly ginger is starting to bloom, and I am trimming back mint a couple of times a week, but that makes for some yummy mint tea. Everything has gotten so lush I will have to thin out more cannas and gingers, too. And my Texas Star hibiscus has had flowers daily, as many as 8 at a time and more buds all the time.

That's all today, just checking in until I take some more pictures.

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