Monday, June 30, 2014


This was a good weekend. Actually, so was last weekend, where I got lots of yard cleanup, mowing and trimming done in small increments, as ,my sprained ankle would allow. I still needed to put it up in the afternoons off and on this weekend, especially on Sunday, to help take the swelling down, but progress nonetheless.

I showed a sneak preview of the wicking garden some time ago, and have a couple of new pictures to show Sunday's progress:

Here is the reservoir done. The perforated pipes are almost covered by the rocks. I am so glad I used those, since I still needed 12-15 bags of rocks besides. You can see the edge of 4 cinder blocks I put in the center, just in case I need a really sturdy place to step.

I put a double layer of landscape fabric, and then added 6 bags of sand for the next layer. It does not appear to be enough. So I added decomposed granite, which I had on hand, to bring it up to the top of the water level - I'll post a picture of that next time. Then I folded the fabric back around the edges to make a big sand pillow between the rocks and the soil which will go on next. More pictures once the last stage with the raised bed is done.

Meanwhile, while I was working at the wicking garden, I had a couple of guys installing the totes I got for rainwater collection. They leveled, placed a thick bed of decomposed granite and tamped it down, and leveled cinderblocks to raise them enough for some water pressure.

The next stage will be a new gutter and the piping to direct the water flow into the containers, and hook up the spigots to a pipe with faucets for a garden hose. I am excited at the prospect of 550 gallons of rainwater capacity!

Looking good, guys!

And of course, the dogs wanted to help...

Well, maybe Aggie did. Cassie seemed unimpressed.
He is my willing boy, though. He could be called Barkis, not only because of the bark pun, but Barkis is willing. Read your Dickens.

So there you are, progress on the home front. I did some repotting and work on the bog, too, but those pictures will have to wait for another time.

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