Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just a quick post this evening to say that I am working on some posts but other parts of my life have been taking precedence over picture editing and writing. The bog is filling in nicely, although there is a good bit of string algae that I am not addressing yet. It is cleaning water, too, like the pretty plants. Some of the cannas are blooming, the frogs are jumping, the fish are happy and the water is clear. I saw a tiny baby toad - he couldn't have been more than a day or two past tadpole - maybe a quarter inch long.

The daylilies are still going, and other plants are blooming and I mowed so I can actually see them. Critters keep getting my tomatoes while they are hard green, and sometimes I wonder why I bother.

I want to write about passalong plants. Some of my favorite plants have history, and it adds to their charm. More on that coming up.

I have been hauling bags of rocks and sand and decomposed granite. You would think that would make me strong instead of tired, wouldn't you? It is a process, I guess, like everything else.

I will sprinkle some pictures along from the pond tour, too. That was last weekend, and it was wonderful and exhausting. So many beautiful and creative gardens and ponds to spark your imagination!

OK, it has been a long and busy day, and I am signing off for now. 'night.

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