Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rain, glorious rain!

The sun may be shining now but the rain isn't quite over. Big regret: not getting my new rainwater collection totes set up in time to take advantage. They would be full now. But everything else in the yard is pretty darn happy.

Like the daylilies by the driveway. Happy happy, and me, too, when I walk by them.

I did manage to backwash the pond filter before Monday's rain, so the pond could top off with rainwater, and boy, did it! The fish seem pretty happy, too.

Someone posted a 100 days of happiness challenge on Facebook today. It asks if you can be happy for 100 days. (I haven't checked to see if it means happy all day, or just going 100 days where you are happy at least once a day.) I don't think happy all day is an option for even the most determinedly positive individual, so I can try it. I can try to be happy at least once a day for the next hundred days. There is no downside.

Happy gardening!

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