Friday, September 3, 2010


It rained, it rained, it rained!

 Do I sound excited? It will be so nice not to have to spend Saturday moving sprinklers around in the morning and evening. The yard is happy, the dogs not so much. While they will run into the rain to answer a barking dog next door, a heavy dew can be enough to make them reluctant to wet their dainty little feet. It rained on Aggie and I on our walk this morning and he was glad to get home. I didn't really care. Wet is good at this point. Cassie stayed home as she is recovering from yesterday's surgery - she was spayed. Seems to be doing well, but needs to stay quiet for a few days.

The weather is projected to be very nice this weekend, low humidity and low nineties, with morning maybe down to the upper sixties! Since I don't have to water Saturday I can get some of the materials that have accumulated in my driveway to their proper places in the yard. I am recycling some concrete edging a neighbor was disposing of to define the pathways on my front beds, and still have about a quarter yard of compost under a tarp that can be moved to places it can do some good. Also some wood pallets to make another compost bin. I have been waiting for a break in the weather (and some improvement in my foot - plantar fasciitis) and it is here. The weather anyway; the foot I will manage.

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