Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OK, still too hot.

I am concentrating on keeping things alive, watering mainly. I have cleaned some old stuff out of the veggie garden, and although I have some okra coming up, and yardlong beans and a few sweet potato slips I planted form the ones in my pantry, I am not really willing to plant more seeds in this heat - I don't know if I can keep them alive. May be best to wait a bit and concentrate on winter greens and such.  I am pruning back the tomato plants to see if I can coax them to start up again for the fall.

The little waterlily nurseries are shallow enough to need topping off almost daily. (Those are dishes with clay mud in the bottom and a few inches of water above. Great way to start baby waterlilies.)

The bog plants are huge, of course - fish water 24/7 and lots of heat. Lovely white butterfly ginger, so fragrant!  I am giving away some more pond plants Sunday. That should finally empty the little kiddie pool. I will then clean it out, put a few inches of play sand and water to cover it an inch or so. New puppy play toy for hot weather! Some of my trusty mosquito bits will keep it wiggler-free.

I have projects piling up, but can't take the heat. Even the mornings are humid enough to feel oppressive. OK, I am a wimp. After I get back from the morning dog walk I really don't want to go back out there. The dogs get precedence, coolest part of the day (and pavement!) for their walk. Aggie has bounced back very quickly from his surgery (hard to believe he has gotten old enough to be neutered!) and is full of energy and high spirits. Cassie has her appointment in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile we have our walk then hunker down and try to stay cool.

I am very pleased that one of the thunderstorms that popped up last night hit me with almost 1/2 of rain - that makes such a difference. Wishing rain to everyone that needs it - and a little more for me! Ciao now.

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