Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So really, what has there been to say all this summer? It's hot. I watered. Repeat.

Today we break the record from the twenties - longest stretch of triple digit days, and at least 10 more days of the same. *sigh*
Twice a week I water. Since my yard has so many little bits and pieces, I do about half at a time, so once a week for the whole yard, and some spot watering of pots and such in between. It is focused on trees and foundation, and some of the grass benefits. The little pots of bog plants around the pond dry out daily, but they are also wildlife (and dog) watering stations. My frog population has been decimated by the coons which hunt in the bog at night. The dogs go in there, too, and the other night they chased a baby coon out of the bog into the pond, where it was swimming around pulling over all my floating containers (laundry baskets) of floating plants. By the time I got them in the house and went back out with my camera it was gone.

Here is Cassie finding a cool spot on the edge of the bog.

 And both of them getting a drink from a baby water lily nursery pot.

So soon I will only be watering once a week when the schedule changes. I already miss gardening classes because I don't want to miss my watering time, now it will be my only watering time. I know - automate. I like the idea but find it too hot out to work on it! This is survival time as far as I am concerned - not innovation time. Some day fall will come, and it can't be too soon for me after this summer.

Stay cool. If you can.

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