Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crinum is blooming, Asiatic lilies, guara, cannas are glorious in bog, daylilies and rain lilies, black and blue sage, some others…

Yesterday I ate from the garden: tomatoes (cherry), squash, green beans, potatoes, green garlic, squash blossoms (omelet) and picked a young cucumber but haven’t eaten it yet. Tromboncino that I shifted to a bigger trellis has a huge blossom open. Hope the work picking vine borer eggs and killing the moth I found pay off. No apparent frass deposits yet on the various squash.

Grass needs mowing. Even without actual rain the incredible humidity has kept things growing green. I have ordered these cool watering bags, 8’ x 9” with drip emitters you can place on them and stakes to secure the ends. I can set these up and fill them with my rainwater, and a little seaweed for a continuous drip. Looking forward to trying them out.

Sadly, the cardinal nest which I found in my crepe myrtle and took a quick (and too dark) picture of was robbed last night. Name your culprit – raccoons, possums and feral cats all roam (and defecate in, grrr) my yard and garden. I discovered it when my puppy started eating something on the ground nearby and I pulled it out of his mouth to discover a baby bird leg. The nest was only 6 feet off the ground, so vulnerable, I suppose. But I loved seeing the cardinals flying in and out of it.

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