Thursday, February 26, 2009

I know I said intermittent posts, but...

I know I said intermittent posts, but...
I have been really behind, so a quick post to say I will get more pictures sized and up soon. I have been working in the garden, I have moved 1 10'x4'x16" raised bed from the vegetable garden area and split it into 2 (they were stacked) 8" tall 10'x about 3' beds in the front. They are narrower because the corners are hinged, and I set them down into paralleogram shapes. The soil from them (Hillcountry garden soil mix originally) had to be shoveled into my wheelbarrow and transported and shoveled out again, so it has not been a trivial task for me. I added some manure and fertilizer and evened it all out, then went to go rest. Again.
However, they are now planted, with caladiums along the back, daylilies in the corners, other bulbs which I needed to put somewhere around, and a center section in each of mesclun seed. This area is part shade, more as the trees leaf out. Another good learning experience for me, I am sure. I am gradually trying to delineate the border between my front yard and my neighbors - it all just runs together now - and incorporate paths that wind back towards the gate to the pond. There is a long way to go, but when done, about 2/3 of the skimpy grass will become paths and garden areas.
ciao for now, Mary

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